Local Values

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#Affordability The rising cost of living is pushing families and workers out of our region. Under our current leadership, this has become unsustainable. You need a representative who will commit to lowering taxes and fees, decrease regulation and bureaucracy, and advocate for locally supplied energy. The state budget is now well over $30 billion, but paychecks haven't increased. It's time to stop tax increases and start asking where our money is going. I will honor your work and your family's finances.
#CrackdownOnCrime The overuse of PR bonds has led to tragedies in our community. Violent abusers should not be let out of jail over and over to terrorize their victims. I personally have a close friend whose abuser violated his restraining order 84x. This is unacceptable. We need leadership that will crackdown on crime, and prioritize a victim's safety.
NW Colorado is a unique, diverse place in our great state. Our many interests, from tourism to agriculture, depend on each other. We must have local control, because Front Range leadership has hurt our energy and agriculture industries. I will stand up for every industry that is here. Your representative should be in favor of your job, your work, and your life.


Raising my two kids here motivates me to make this district the best it can be.  I see the issues this district faces because my family faces them, too. We all feel the rising cost of housing and groceries, decrease in safety, and frustration over Front Range intrusions on our way of life. All children in NW Colorado should be surrounded by hope, promise, and opportunity.


I Will Be Your Voice

House District 26 includes the counties of Routt, Moffat, Rio Blanco, and (most of) Eagle. We need our communities united at the legislature. Our interests include agriculture, remote work, skiing, forestry, tourism, energy, hunting, fishing, conservationism, and more. We are different from other areas of the state, and we must protect and preserve our unique region. I will advocate for us, not for interests in other parts of the state.