Reflections on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

As Republicans and rural people, we take pride in our heritage as the original conservationists. We all believe in clean air, land, and water for our children. Our rural jobs on ski mountains, ranches, and in energy all depend on the land! And, when we look around, we can see that the people of House District 26 already do a fantastic job of stewarding the Earth. Our core reason for caring for the land is because we care for the people who live in it. Human flourishing is our goal in politics.

There is another way that people claim they care for the land, and we must separate ourselves from this idea totally. It is an anti-human attitude that seeks to remove any human impact from the Earth. We must take a strong stance of being pro-human, empowering individuals and protecting human rights. Caring for the Earth must not be an excuse to hand a long-desired political agenda over to a politician, either. At the core of our political belief, again, is to allow human flourishing.

When we talk about conservation, this is what we mean. As we steward the beautiful places we call home, we thrive. It is time to reclaim the narrative surrounding our environment, recapture it, and promote human prosperity. One needed area of improvement is the forest management on federal lands. We need to advocate to remove the dead trees on public lands that threaten us with fires every year. This can be done by private loggers without raising taxes! The state of Colorado should stand up to the federal government and require better forest management when Coloradans' health and property suffer each year from preventable forest fires.

Will you consider investing in the campaign so we can put issues like this under a spotlight? The maximum campaign donation allowed is $400, so we thrive on lots of small donations! A $15 monthly donation can have a huge impact in getting the word out.

One Vote At A Time,

Savannah Wolfson

Republican Candidate for HD26 Candidate

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