Running for Office: It's a Family Affair!

Question: How will life look for your family once you’re in office?

Answer: While we explored running for office, I thought to myself, “I can’t run for office to defend the rights of children while neglecting my own.” I know that my responsibility as a parent comes first, and that if David and I don’t defend and watch over our children, no one will. I took these questions to my teacher, Bob Schaffer, wondering how he had handled life in politics while being a family man. I was especially focused on my children’s schooling, not wanting them to enter the failing Denver Public School system while I’m in office. That would have been a deal breaker. Bob is incredibly qualified to speak on this subject and was greatly helpful. Before you knew him as a congressman, he also held a position as a state lawmaker and knows all the mechanics of that life in Denver. In and out of office, he has always been a strong voice for parents’ rights, school choice, and is currently a headmaster at a charter school. He gave me some great pointers! I brought that conversation home to my husband, David, and we came up with solutions for all the scenarios we may face. We are fortunate to be very flexible as a family. David’s civilian job is from home, and homeschooling is not limited to the regular school schedule (We don’t take summer breaks, and the one-on-one lessons are so efficient that it only takes two hours a day.). We will all be going to the capital together, as a family, for the legislative season. We decided we would put our kids into a private, faith-based school for the few months we are there, and continue to homeschool the rest of the year. When we proposed this idea to my kids, they were ecstatic. Mud season in Routt County is a great time to travel, and they will get lots of hands-on learning opportunities while we’re closer to the many museums, and monuments over there. They are excited that, instead of visiting once or twice a year, they can get a zoo membership. Perhaps that is why my kids spent the day campaigning for me yesterday. I was traveling to county assemblies, including one in my home county, and they got to see me speak for the first time. I glanced up in the balcony and was surprised to see that they had stopped playing and started listening in.

During breaks, they decided to fill up this tricycle with signs and ask everyone there to take one. I had to laugh. With quality volunteers like this, I’m positive we will succeed.

In the final week before my announcement, I asked my husband, “Are you sure? It’s not too late to back out if you ever decide you don’t want to do this." He answered, “I have a calling to preserve this country in the military. You have a calling to do the same thing in a different way.” When Dad is gone with the Army, we’ve always told our kids that he’s doing it for them, to make sure they can grow up in a free America. We never dreamed we would be telling them the same thing about me.

My homeschool mom circle has reminded me of a scripture to contemplate as mothers have gotten into politics to protect their children. Judges 5:7 says, "Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel."

One Vote At A Time,

Savannah Wolfson

Republican Candidate for HD26 Candidate

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